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Informatikdienste Scientific Computing


Scientific Computing


Schrödinger HPC is the supercomputer at the University of Zurich (UZH).
The machine built by Sun Microsystems offers 4608 processor cores (Intel Xeon 5500; 2.8 GHz) on 576 compute nodes. The nodes are connected over QDR Infiniband (40 Gbit/s) and attached to a lustre filesystem with 300 TB diskspace.
You can find more information on Schrödinger here.


Hydra is a SGI UV 100 system with currently 48 cores and 512GB of memory. It is a shared memory machine (NUMA SMP) with a single system image. It is designed for jobs requiring a large amount of memory. A Tesla S2050 box (four C2050 GPUs) is attached.
Note that the Hydra is not yet in a productive state, but can be used for testing purposes.
You can find more information on Hydra here.